Saffil® | Polycrystalline Mats

Saffil® | Polycrystalline Mats

Saffil mats are light, flexible mats needled with polypropylene threads made from high-purity polycrystalline wool.

1600°C KFT
Mat (blanket)
Thickness (mm)
13mm 25mm
Density / volume weight (kg / m³)
96 kg / m³

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  • Temperature resistance

    High temperature resistance up to 1600 ° C.

    Tensile strenght

    High tensile strength and resilience.

    Thermal conductivity

    Low thermal conductivity.


    Mats (blankets) made of high temperature wool are needled lightweight mats and provide an effective solution for a wide range of thermal insulation applications. They are characterized by excellent insulating properties, high resistance to chemicals, elasticity and dimensional stability. They are exclusively inorganic and therefore do not generate smoke or fumes when exposed to heat. They are available in a wide range of densities and thickness combinations, making them one of the most versatile product groups on the market.


    Polycrystalline wool (PCW Poly Crystalline Wool) consist of fibers with a very high alumina content (Al2O3 > 70% by weight %). They are produced from aqueous spinning solutions using the “sol-gel process”. During the subsequent heat treatment, the previously produced, water-soluble green fibers crystallize. Polycrystalline wools are generally used at operating temperatures> 1300 ° C or, in the case of critical chemical and physical application conditions, also at lower temperatures. The first production of polycrystalline wool can be traced back to the 1970s.


    Unifrax® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance specialty fibers and inorganic materials that are used in industry, the automotive sector and fire protection. Our goals, philosophy and values build on our efforts to manufacture high quality products that help our customers save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire protection.

    Fiberfrax Durablanket® S | Ceramic Fiber Mats

    Product variations

    Saffil® | Polycrystalline Mats

    Roll goods

    Fiber mats are sold as roll goods as standard. The roll length depends on the selected thickness. As a standard width, we have 610mm wide rolls from stock. Double widths are available on request.

    Saffil® | Polycrystalline Mats


    We manufacture molded parts according to your specifications. The roll goods are made using

    • Water jet

    • Punching

    • Plotting

    brought into the right shape for you.

    Saffil® | Polycrystalline Mats

    Fiber modules

    We manufacture fiber modules according to customer specifications that are designed for the insulation requirements of industrial ovens, kilns and heating devices.



    Chemical Analysis
    Al2O3: 95,0 – 97,0
    SiO2: 3,0 – 5,0
    Other: <0,5
    Physical Properties
    Colour: White
    Classification temperature (° C): 1600
    Specific heat at 1000 ° C (J / KgK) 1000
    Density (kg / m3) 96
    Mean fiber diameter (μm) 3 – 4
    Permanent linear shrinkage (%) after 24 hours
    1500 °C: <4


    Saffil mats are light, flexible mats needled with polypropylene threads made from high-purity polycrystalline wool. The polypropylene threads allow a higher strength and flexibility of the mat. The temperature resistance is up to 1600 ° C. Saffil mats can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are particularly suitable for applications where shot (melt beads) are not desired or where resistance to corrosion is important.


    • High temperature resistance (up to 1600 ° C)
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • no visible shot
    • Thermal shock resistance & durability
         to chemicals
    • High tensile strength and resilience
    • insoluble in water
    • suitable for facings and anchor modules
  • Downloads

    Saffil mat data sheet

    Product properties, typical applications and availabilities.


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    In 2009, at the request of many customers, RBS Kompensator GmbH was founded as the 100% sister company of KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH under Senn Beteiligungs GmbH.

    Building on the existing know-how about temperature-resistant high-performance fabrics, these began to be manufactured as individual pieces in the form of soft-material compensators by hand in Erl. Gradually, various sewing and welding machines were acquired in order to be able to produce all common shapes (round / square / round on square etc.) in the best possible way.

    Together with our team we try to live the idea of the "One Stop Shop" and make sometimes impossible things possible according to our motto: "Viribus unitis - with united forces".

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