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COVID-19 Protective Equipment | CPA Masks (FFP2)

Since mid-March we have been producing washable protective equipment made of synthetic fibres and cotton Made in Austria. This includes protective gowns and coats as well as protective masks made of cotton and CPA masks (FFP2) and overcoats. Due to the immediate conversion of our production, we have been able to navigate through the crisis without the help of short-time work subsidies.
We manufacture the SSB CPA protective masks (in accordance with decree GZ2020-0.247.451) for medical professionals. The CPA protective mask, with a protective effect between an FFP2 and FFP3 mask, is a half mask, which is constructed from several layers. The outermost layer acts against splashes and protects the mouth and nose area from contamination with larger droplets. Inside, specially developed filter fleeces serve to separate particles and aerosols. For individual adjustment, a mouldable metal strip is attached, while wearing comfort is provided by a foam insert.
The protective effect or separation efficiency is therefore higher than with a FFP2 mask and slightly below FFP3 mask, which offers the highest protection. This certificate confirms that the Corona SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic Respirators (CPA) meet the specifications and are suitable for healthcare professionals.
Further information on the Senn - Protective clothing you will find under this link.
We thank our customers for their trust and all our employees for their commitment during these difficult days.

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